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Sunday, 12 February 2012

New Perry Mason 1973

New Perry Mason 1973 these are all I can find now...

New Perry MasonViolent Valley 1973.flv
New Perry Mason Telltale Trunk - 1973.flv
New Perry Mason Case of the Frenzied Feminist 1973.flv
New Perry Mason The Case of the Furious Father -1973.flv
New Perry Mason Wistful Widower - 1973.flv
New Perry Mason, Case of the Jailed Justice 1973.flv
New Perry Mason, The Case of the Cagey Cager 1973.flv
New Perry MasonThe Case of the Horoscope Homicide -1973.flv
New Perry Mason TCOT Prodigal Prophet.avi
New Perry Mason Case of the Murdered Murderer 1973.flv
New Perry Mason Case of the Spurious Spouse, 1973.flv
New Perry Mason Case of the Tortured titans 1973.flv


  1. Thanks for the information and filmographies! It's possible I saw the actors guest-starring on some of those shows and just didn't pay much mind at the time.

    I fiddled around with The Violent Valley and The Telltale Trunk. You're right; the show is pretty good. Kept to the original format quite well. And the characters seem to speak the same sort of dialogue that was written for the original actors, so that makes it feel more homey, certainly. When they spoke, I could easily picture their predecessors saying the same things.

    Oooh, Richard Anderson and Keenan Wynn in The Telltale Trunk! It was so surreal every time Richard said "Perry", since it put me in mind of Lieutenant Drumm and yet he was talking to a different Perry.

    And I was absolutely thrilled that there was a scene between Perry and Hamilton in Hamilton's office! That's the sort of thing I love finding in episodes. They seem to be on fairly good terms with each other. Awesome. Also, this Tragg still sits on Hamilton's desk.

    The courtroom scene surprised me; Hamilton never raised one objection. Is that normal for this version?

  2. I am looking for episodes of the new perry mason the case of the ominous oath episode 3 and the case of the deadly deeds. please respond.

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