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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Julia Child Cooking Show Links

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Julia Child Cooking Show on Foxeema

Julia Child, beef bourguignon.flv

Julia Child , Roast Chicken.flv

Julia Child ,Roast Suckling Pig.flv

JULIA CHILD,Croissants.flv

Julia Child ,Cheese Souffle.flv

Julia Child ,Eggs,Omelette Show.flv

Julia Child .Cooking Your Goose.flv

Julia Child, Makes Sausage.flv

julia child, French Bread.flv

JULIA CHILD,French Crepes.flv

JULIA CHILD,Apple Desserts.flv

JULIA CHILD ,Fish in Monks Clothing.flv

JULIA CHILD, French Fried Potatoes.flv

Julia Child Mousse au Chocolat.avi
Julia Child The Potato Show (2).avi
Julia Child Bouillabaisse a la Marseillaise.avi
Julia Child Salade Nicoise.avi
Julia Child The Spinach Twins.avi

Julia Child The Whole Fish Story.avi

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