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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Perry Mason,{ All} 1957-66 Series ON FOXEEMA

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Barney s First Car Season 3 Episode 27 of the Andy Griffith Show…

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Perry Mason Returns 1985
Season 1

 Perry Mason S01E01 The Case the Restless Redhead av

Perry Mason S01E02 The Case the Sleepwalker's Niece

 Perry Mason S01E03 The Case the Nervous Accomplice

 Perry Mason S01E04 The Case the Drowning Duck

 Perry Mason S01E05 The Case the Sulky Girl.

Perry Mason S01E06 The Case the Silent Partner avi.mp4

 Perry Mason S01E07 The Case the Angry Mourner

 Perry Mason S01E08 The Case the Crimson Kiss

Perry Mason S01E09 The Case the Vagabond Vixen

 Perry Mason S01E10 The Case the Runaway Corpse

Perry Mason S01E11 The Case the Crooked Candle
 Perry Mason S01E12 The Case the Negligent Nymph
 Perry Mason S01E13 The Case the Moth Eaten Mink
 Perry Mason S01x14 The Case the Baited Hook
 Perry Mason S01E15 The Case the Fan Dancer's Horsei
 Perry Mason S01E16 The Case the Demure Defendant
Perry Mason S01E17 The Case the Sun Bather's Diary
 Perry Mason S01E18 The Case the Cautious Coquette

 Perry Mason S01E19 The Case the Haunted Husband

 Perry Mason S01E20 The Case the Lonely Heiress
 Perry Mason S01E21 The Case the Green Eyed Sister
 Perry Mason S01E22 The Case the Fugitive Nurse
 Perry Mason S01E23 The Case the One Eyed Witness
Perry Mason S01E24 The Case the Deadly Double
 Perry Mason S01E25 The Case the Empty Tin
 Perry Mason S01E26 The Case the Half Wakened Wife
 Perry Mason S01E27 The Case the Desperate Daughter
  Perry Mason S01E28 The Case the Daring Decoy
Perry Mason S01E29 The Case the Hesitant Hostess
 Perry Mason S01E30 The Case the Screaming Woman
 Perry Mason S01E31 The Case the fiery fingers
 Perry Mason S01E32 The Case the Substitute Face
 Perry Mason S01E33   The Case the Long Legged Models
Perry Mason S01E34 The Case the Gilded Lily
 Perry Mason S01E35 The Case the Lazy Lover
 Perry Mason S01E36 The Case the Prodigal Parent
 Perry Mason S01E37 The Case the Black Eyed Blonde
 Perry Mason S01E38 The Case the Terrified Typist
Perry Mason S01E39 The Case the Rolling Bones

Season 2
perry mason s02e01 The Case of the Corresponding Corpse
perry mason s02e02 - The Case of the Lucky Loser
perry mason s02e03 The Case of the Pint-Sized Client
perry mason s02e04 The Case of the Sardonic Sergeant
perry mason s02e05 The Case of the Curious Bride.mp4
perry mason s02e06 The Case of the Buried Clock
perry mason s02e07 The Case of the Married Moonlighter
perry mason s02e08 The Case of the Jilted Jockey.mp4
perry mason s02e09 The Case of the Purple Woman
perry mason s02e10 The Case of the Fancy Figures
perry mason s02e11 The Case of the Perjured Parrot
perry mason s02e12 The Case of the Shattered Dream
perry mason s02e13 The Case of the Borrowed Brunette
perry mason s02e14 The Case of the Glittering Goldfish.
perry mason s02e15 The Case of the Foot-Loose Doll.
perry mason s02e16 The Case of the Fraudulent Foto
perry mason s02e17 The Case of the Romantic Rogue
perry mason s02e18 The Case of the Jaded Joker
perry mason s02e19 The Case of the Caretaker's Cat.
perry mason s02e20 The Case of the Stuttering Bishop

perry mason s02e21 The Case of the Lost Last Act

perry mason s02e22 The Case of the Bedeviled Doctor

perry mason s02e23 The Case of the Howling Dog.

perry mason s02e24 The Case of the Calendar Girl.

perry mason s02e25 The Case of the Petulant Partner.

perry mason s02e26 The Case of the Dangerous Dowager
perry mason s02e27 The Case of the Deadly Toy

perry mason s02e28 The Case of the Spanish Cross.mp4

perry mason s02e29 The Case of the Dubious Bridegroom

perry mason s02e30 The Case of the Lame Canary.

Season 3

Perry Mason 3x01 The Case of the Spurious Sister
perry mason 3x02 The Case of the Watery Witness
perry mason 3x03 The Case of the Garrulous Gambler
perry mason 3x04 The Case of the Blushing Pearls.
perry mason 3x05 The Case of the Startled Stallion.
perry mason 3x06 The Case of Paul Drake's Dilemma
perry mason 3x07 The Case of the Golden Fraud
perry mason 3x08 The Case of the Bartered Bikini
perry mason 3x09 The Case of the Artful Dodger.
perry mason 3x10 The Case of the Lucky Legs.
perry mason 3x11 The Case of the Violent Village
perry mason 3x12 The Case of the Frantic Flyer
perry mason 3x13 The Case of the Wayward Wife
perry mason 3x14 The Case of the Prudent Prosecutor.

perry mason 3x15 The Case of the Gallant Grafter
perry mason 3x16 The Case of the Wary Wildcatter.
perry mason 3x17 The Case of the Mythical Monkeys
perry mason 3x18 The Case of the Singing Skirt
perry mason 3x19 The Case of the Bashful Burro
perry mason 3x20 The Case of the Crying Cherub
perry mason 3x21 The Case of the Nimble Nephew
perry mason 3x22 The Case of the Madcap Modiste
perry mason 3x23 The Case of the Slandered Submarine
perry mason 3x24 The Case of the Ominous Outcast
perry mason 3x25 The Case of the Irate Inventor
perry mason 3x26 The Case of the Flighty Father.

Season 4
Perry Mason 4x01 Treacherous Toupee
Perry Mason 4x02 The Credulous Quarry
Perry Mason 4x03 The Ill Fated Faker
Perry Mason 4x04 The Singular Double
Perry Mason 4x05 The Lavender Lipstick
Perry Mason 4x06 The Wandering Widow
Perry Mason 4x07 The Clumsy Clown
Perry Mason 4x08 The Provocative Protégé
Perry Mason 4x09 The Nine Dolls
Perry Mason 4x10 The Loquacious Liar
Perry Mason 4x11 The Red Riding Boots
Perry Mason 4x12 The Larcenous Lady
Perry Mason 4x13 The Envious Editor
Perry Mason 4x14 The Resolute Reformer
Perry Mason 4x15 The Fickle Fortune
Perry Mason 4x16 Waylaid Wolf
Perry Mason 4x17 The Wintry Wife
Perry Mason 4x18 The Angry Dead Man
Perry Mason 4x19 The Blind Man's Bluff
Perry Mason 4x20 The Barefaced Witness
Perry Mason 4x21 The Difficult Detour
Perry Mason 4x22 Cowardly Lion
Perry Mason 4x23 The Torid Tapestry
Perry Mason 4x24 Violent Vest
Perry Mason 4x25 Misguided Missile
Perry Mason 4x26 The Duplicate Daughter
Perry Mason 4x27 Grumbling Grandfather
Perry Mason 4x28 The Guilty Clients

Season 5
 Perry Mason S05E01 The Jealous Journalist 50m
Perry Mason S05E02 The Impatient Partner 50m
 Perry Mason S05E03 The Missing Melody 50m
 Perry Mason S05E04 The Malicious Mariner 50m
 Perry Mason S05E05 The Crying Comedian 50m
Perry Mason S05E06 Meddling Medium 50m
Perry Mason S05E07 The Pathetic Patient
Perry Mason S05E08 The Travelling Treasure 50m
Perry Mason S05E09 The Posthumous Painter 50m
Perry Mason S05E10 The Injured Innocent 50m
Perry Mason S05E11 The Left Handed Liar
Perry Mason S05E12 The Brazen Bequest
Perry Mason S05E13 The Renegade Refugee
Perry Mason S05E14 Unwelcome Bride
Perry Mason S05E15 The Roving River
Perry Mason S05E16 The Shapely Shadow
Perry Mason S05E17 The Captain's Coins
Perry Mason S05E18 The Tarnished Trademark
Perry Mason S05E19 The Glamorous Ghost
Perry Mason S05E20 The Poison Pen Pal
Perry Mason S05E21 Mystified Miner
Perry Mason S05E22 The Crippled Cougar
Perry Mason S05E23 The Absent Artist
Perry Mason S05E24 The Melancholy Marksman

Perry Mason S05E25 The Case of the Angry Astronaut fixed
Perry Mason S05E26 The Borrowed Baby
Perry Mason S05E27 The Counterfeit Crank
Perry Mason S05E28 The Ancient Romeo
Perry Mason S05E29 The Promoter's Pillbox
Perry Mason S05E30 The Lonely Eloper

 Season 6

Perry Mason 601 The Case of The Bogus Books
Perry Mason 6x2 - The Case of the Capricious Corpse

Perry Mason 6x3 - The Case of the Playboy Pugilist
Perry Mason 6x4 in The Case of the Double-Entry Mind.
Perry Mason 6x5 The Case of the Hateful Hero

Perry Mason 606 The Case of The Dodging Domino

Perry Mason 6x7 in The Case of the Unsuitable Uncle

Perry Mason 6x8 in The Case of the Stand-In Sister
Perry Mason 6x9 in The Case of the Weary Watchdog
Perry Mason s 6x10 in The Case of the Lurid Letter
Perry Mason 6x11 in The Case of the Fickle Filly
Perry Mason 6x12 in The Case of the Polka Dot Pony
Perry Mason 613 The Case of The Shoplifter's Shoe.

Perry Mason 6x14 in The Case of the Bluffing Blast
Perry Mason 6x15 The Case of the Prankish Professor

Perry Mason 616 Constant Doyle.

Perry Mason 617 The Case of The Libelous Locket

Perry Mason 618 The Case of The Two-Faced Turn-A-Bout
Perry Mason 619 The Case of The Surplus Suitor

Perry Mason 620 The Case of The Golden Oranges.

Perry Mason 621 The Case of The Lawful Lazarus
Perry Mason 622 The Case of The Velvet Claws

Perry Mason 623 The Case of The Lovers Leap
Perry Mason 624 The Case of The Elusive Element
Perry Mason 625 The Case of The Greek Goddess.

Perry Mason 626 The Case of The Skeletons Closet.
Perry Mason 627 The Case of The Potted Planter.
Perry Mason 628 The Case of The Witless Witness

Season 7
 Perry Mason S07E01 The Case the Nebulous Nephew 50m
Perry Mason S07E02 The Case the Shifty Shoebox uncut 50 min
 Perry Mason S07E03 The Case the Drowsy Mosquito 50m

Perry Mason S07E04 The Case the Deadly Verdict uncut
 Perry Mason S07E05 The Case the Decadent Dean 50

 Perry Mason S07E06 The Case the Reluctant Model 50m

 Perry Mason S07E07 The Case the Bigamous Spouse 50m

 Perry Mason S07E08 The Case the Floating Stones 50m

 Perry Mason S07E09 The Case the Festive Felon 50m

 Perry Mason S07E10 The Case the Devious Delinquent 50m

 Perry Mason S07E11 The Case the Bouncing Boomerang 50m

 Perry Mason S07E12 The Case the Badgered Brother 50m

 Perry Mason S07E13 The Case the Wednesday Woman 50m

 Perry Mason S07E14 The Case the Accosted Accountant 50m

Perry Mason S07E15 The Case the Capering Camera

 Perry Mason S07E16 Case the Ice Cold Hands 50m

 Perry Mason S07E17 TCOT Bountiful Beauty 50m

Perry Mason S07E18 Nervous Neighbor (uncut 50 min)

 Perry Mason S07E19 TCOT Fifty Millionth Frenchman 50m

 Perry Mason S07E20 TCOT Frightened Fisherman 50m

 Perry Mason S07E21 TCOT Arrogant Arsonist 50m

 Perry Mason S07E22 TCOT Garrulousgo Between 50m

 Perry Mason S07E23 TCOT Woeful Widower 50m

 Perry Mason S07E24 TCOT Simple Simon

 Perry Mason S07E25 TCOT Illicit Illusion 50m

 Perry Mason S07E26 TCOT Antic Angel 50m

 Perry Mason S07E27 TCOT Careless Kidnapper 50m

 Perry Mason S07E28 TCOT Drifting Dropout 50m

 Perry Mason S07E29 TCOT Tandem Target 50m

 Perry Mason S07E30 TCOT Ugly Duckling 50m

Season 8
Perry Mason 8x01 The Missing Button 50m

Perry Mason 8x02 The Paper Bullets 50m
Perry Mason 8x03 The Scandalous Sculptor
Perry Mason 8x04 The Sleepy Slayer 50m
 Perry Mason 8x05 The Betrayed Bride 50m
Perry Mason 8x06 The Nautical Knot
Perry Mason 8x07 The Bullied Bowler 50m
Perry Mason 8x08 APlace Called Midnight 50m
  Perry Mason - 8 x 9 - The Case of the Tragic Trophy
Perry Mason 8x10 The Reckless Rockhound 50m
Perry Mason 8x11 The Latent Lover  50m
Perry Mason 8x11 The Latent Lover avi.mp4
Perry Mason 8x12 The Wooden Nickels 50m
 Perry Mason 8x13 The Blonde Bonanza 50m
Perry Mason  8x14 The Case of The Ruinous Road 50m
 Perry Mason 8x15 The Frustrated Folk Singer 50m
Perry Mason 8x15 The Frustrated Folk Singer avi.mp4
Perry Mason 8x16 The Thermal Thief 50m
Perry Mason 8x17 The Golden Venom 50m
Perry Mason 8x18 The Telltale Tap 50m
Perry Mason 8x19 The Feather Cloak 50m
Perry Mason 8x20 The Lover's Gamble 50m
Perry Mason 8x21 The Fatal Fetish uncut 50 min
Perry Mason 8x22 The Sad Sicilian 50m
Perry Mason 8x23 The Murderous Mermaid 50m
Perry Mason 8x24 The Careless Kitten 50m
 Perry Mason 8x25 The Deadly Debt 50m
 Perry Mason 8x26 The Gambling Lady 50m

Perry Mason 8x27 The Duplicate Case (uncut 50 min)
Perry Mason  8x 28 The Case of The Grinning Gorillia 50m
 Perry Mason 8x29 The Wrongful Writ 50m
Perry Mason 8x30 The Mischievous Doll 50m

Season 9
 Perry Mason 9x01 The Laughing Lady 50m

Perry Mason 9x02 The Fatal Fortune 50m

 Perry Mason 9x03 The Candy Queen 50m

 Perry Mason 9x04 The Cheating Chancellor 50m

 Perry Mason 9x05 The Impetuous Imp 50m

 Perry Mason 9x06 The Carefree Coronary 50m

 Perry Mason 9x07 The Hasty Honeymooner 50m

Perry Mason 9x08 The12th Wildcat

Perry Mason 9x09 The Wrathful Wraith 50m

Perry Mason 9x10 The Runaway Racer 50m

Perry Mason 9x11 The Silent Six 50m

Perry Mason 9x12 The Fugitive Fraulein 50m

Perry Mason 9x13 The Baffling Bug (uncut 50 min)

Perry Mason 9x14 The Golden Girls 50m

Perry Mason 9x15 The Bogus Buccaneers 50m

Perry Mason 9x16 The Midnight Howler 50m

Perry Mason 9x17 The Vanishing Victim 50m

Perry Mason 9x18 The Golfer's Gambit 50m

Perry Mason 9x19 The Sausalito Sunrise 50m

Perry Mason 9x20 The Scarlet Scandal 50m

 Perry Mason 9x21 The Twice Told Twist Color 50m

 Perry Mason 9x22 The Avenging Angel 50m

Perry Mason 9x23 The Tsarina's Tiara 50m

Perry Mason 9x24 The Fanciful Frail 50m

Perry Mason 9x25 The Unwelcome Well 50m

Perry Mason 9x 26 The Case of the Dead Ringer 50m

Perry Mason 9x27 The Misguided Model 50m

Perry Mason 9x28 The Positive Negative 50m

 Perry Mason 9x29 The Crafty Kidnapper 50m

Perry Mason 9x30 The Final Fade Out 50m, final episode


  1. Thank you so much for these! I just watched The Nervous Neighbor and I love it. I wonder what Hallmark cut out of it (yikes, about nine minutes are missing!), but I'm thrilled to see it in any form! I'll definitely be back to watch more. Do you have The Fatal Fetish?

  2. Hooray! Thank you so much for The Fatal Fetish! It will be a long time before I have the chance to record it on television, and it was so exciting to see it tonight! It's a must-see for any Burger fan.

    You seem to be able to locate a lot of rarities to post. That's so neat! Have you ever run across Ready for the People, a failed TV pilot-turned-theatrical movie? Crystal and I have been trying to find it; it's one of the few vehicles in which Simon Oakland is actually the star.

  3. Thank you so much for uploading The Golfer's Gambit! Wow, what a creep. I was honestly relieved for him to kick the bucket, except I felt bad for Mr. Burger since they were apparently at least casual friends. I imagine that jerk hid his true nature well from the district attorney. I wonder if this is the only episode where we see part of Mr. Burger's residence.

  4. I remember Mr. Burger's (nice) friends in The Prudent Prosecutor and The Fatal Fetish (I watched that one again yesterday), but I wasn't aware that the fellow in The Silent Six was his friend. I thought that was Lieutenant Drumm's friend. Hmm.

    I always like the scenes in Mr. Burger's office. I don't remember seeing part of his house in any episode but The Golfer's Gambit, however....

    I saw one of Simon Oakland's Ironside episodes, where he was the villain. It was very good. I wish I could locate his other appearances; I think he played good guys in both of them.

  5. Thank you so much for The Frantic Flyer! That was very thoughtful of you. The broadcast version cut a couple of Simon's scenes, so I'm thrilled to see it uncut again! I'll pass the link on to Crystal, too.

  6. Crystal is also very excited to be able to see The Frantic Flyer! She is greatly enjoying it so far.

    And yay, The Prudent Prosecutor! That's such an awesome episode. Thank you very much!

  7. Thank you again for the wonderful episodes! I have been enjoying them this past week. Today I watched the color episode. I've seen it before, but the color wasn't as nice on the print I found. It's gorgeous here.

    Do you have The Dead Ringer and The Shifty Shoebox?

  8. Thank you so much for The Shifty Shoebox! Gosh, I'm sorry you had so much trouble getting it up. Recently I saw about 7 minutes of it, during the climax, and was highly curious to see the rest. Now I can say for certain that it's an awesome episode! I'm even more anxious for my local station to air it now. But wow, I'm stunned by the important scenes Hallmark cut from those seven minutes I saw earlier! They edited out the whole scene where Miles talks to Perry, Hamilton, and the judge, plus a part where Hamilton exclaims to Perry that he thinks he made a mistake and Perry says No and they discuss the case a bit.

  9. Oh wow, thank you so much for The Dead Ringer! I've wanted to see it, but at the same time I've been a bit leery since it's season 9 and season 9 is usually not my favorite. I ended up loving it! It was such fun.

  10. Thank you for letting me know about the new episodes! The Dodging Domino is a fun Halloween treat. My station aired it last Saturday, but it was edited. I like seeing what's missing and comparing the versions.

    The Waylaid Wolf is a very intense episode. I was so scared for the girl running from that creep!

  11. Your news is very exciting! So does that include episodes from 7, 8 and 9, even though none of those seasons have been released on DVD recently? I've been wondering if uncut versions from the last three seasons are still available via the old Columbia House releases.

  12. The uncut Nervous Neighbor is wonderful! Thank you so much! Wow, Hallmark cut so many scenes. I'm thrilled to see them!

  13. Thanks for the heads-up! Wow, what an intense episode. I see you have some others up now, too! I'll check them out over the next couple of days. And I'll look forward to seeing The Maze! Thank you!

  14. I just watched The Ruinous Road. That was awesome. Creepy, but awesome. I love the ones where Hamilton is involved in the catching of the murderers.

    Does that website have the uncut version of The Fatal Fetish?

  15. Thank you so much! I watched The Duplicate Case, which was awesome, and then The Fatal Fetish uncut. Gah, I can hardly believe those two early scenes were cut! They were both so important.

  16. Thank you so much for the uncut Shifty Shoebox! That was awesome.

  17. Here are some more of good old perry mason :)

  18. I watched The Candy Queen. That was a very interesting reworking of The Silent Partner, although it didn't have anywhere near the intensity of the former episode. But I love that this one, unlike The Silent Partner, had a lot of Mr. Burger! And William Boyett is along for the ride too. Awesome.

  19. Merry Christmas! Could you please upload some more seasons 7 and 8 episodes, uncut if possible? Especially 8. I can't tell at this point if my local station is going to completely skip 8 or not. Ugh. Thank you!

  20. Oh, thank you so much for all the wonderful season 8 episodes! I'm going to look forward to watching them over the next few days. I just saw The Sleepy Slayer and loved it. The stakeout scene is quite epic. This episode will get an enthusiastic entry at my blog very soon.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. (Sorry about the delete and repost; I found another couple of episodes I'm highly interested in seeing.)

    Thank you so much for the wonderful season 8 episodes! I have been highly enjoying them. I also watched The Fatal Fetish yet again; I can't get enough of that one.

    Could you please upload The Case of the Careless Kitten, The Case of the Lover's Gamble, and The Case of the Mischievous Doll?

    Merry Christmas again!

  23. Oh, thank you so much! What a wonderful Christmas treat. I watched The Careless Kitten just now. I'm glad the cat didn't die; I wasn't sure one way or the other from what I'd read. Andy's frustrated behavior surprised me, but anyone could finally get fed up, I suppose. And Hamilton admitted he was coming to talk to Perry as a friend! I'm thrilled. There was definitely character development; I'm sure he would never have said that in season 1.

  24. Wow! Thank you so much for all the amazing episodes! I've been watching season 8 episodes the last few days, and today I found a season 9 one I actually really like: The Carefree Coronary. Season 9 is such a mixed bag and I've been particularly exasperated with it again after some of what my station showed this week, so I am especially thrilled to have seen a good one! Now I think the only season I don't have access to is the rest of 7.

  25. Thank you so much for the continuing uploads! I've started on the season 7 ones I haven't seen yet.

  26. Oh wow, I just love season 7 so much! I watched The Accosted Accountant. What an epic episode! Wesley Lau and Richard Anderson interacting, Perry and Hamilton working together so closely on the case.... I also learned about the Ice-Cold Hands and sneaked a peek at some of it. (I'll watch it in full later this week.) I love how they handled Hamilton losing his temper. Even though his awkward apology in The Final Fadeout was sweet, I prefer him flat-out acknowledging that he made a fool of himself in The Ice-Cold Hands. Thank you so much!

  27. I've been continuing to watch season 7. I saw The Antic Angel and all of The Ice-Cold Hands. The latter episode is a very good book adaption! As book adaptions go, I'm glad they chose to adapt it when they did. If it had been in season 1 (or probably if it had been season 5), Hamilton likely would not have acknowledged his mistake in losing his temper in court.

    Poor Hamilton; it seems like jury trials are the ones that turn out the most humiliating for him. I can't forget the disaster in The Shapely Shadow from season 5. (I suspect he smarted over that defeat for the rest of the season. That would explain his general lack of friendly moments in the latter half of that season. There was really only one, in The Promoter's Pillbox. The other friendly season 5 moments all came before The Shapely Shadow.) I wonder if jury trials put more pressure on him and hence, can more easily lead to embarrassing scenes when unplanned shocks happen. That would be understandable.

    Thank you so much again! I look forward to watching a daily Perry episode from here.

  28. I'm continuing to watch season 7; I've seen The Antic Angel, The Wednesday Woman, and The Devious Delinquent! Wow, there was David Winters from West Side Story playing the murder victim. Thank you so much again!

    Could you please upload The Misguided Missile? I've seen it several times, but Crystal doesn't have access to it, and I can only seem to get her to watch Perry if Simon Oakland is in it! Haha!

    1. Hi, working on replacing mega with other links starting s 9 back ....Rob

  29. Oh neat, there's a Reply feature now! Although I didn't get an email when you sent that reply above. Hmmm. Maybe I have to manually adjust my settings for that.

    Crystal has been enjoying The Misguided Missile! I saw The Laughing Lady in the morning. That was an interesting one. Yay, I see you have season 8 half-done now too! I was in the middle of watching The Wooden Nickels when the previous place went down. I'll watch that episode come morning.

    1. Hi ok I am going to Rapid share it will be better...keep in touch... email if you wish...Rob

  30. Oh dear, I'm having trouble loading anything from this eDoc thing. All of them are saying 404. And the Minus ones don't seem to load very well....

    1. Hi I tried it from here and its ok but thanks I am gong to buy a good one soon, these are temp uploaders...thisis a pain....Rob

  31. Okay! I shall watch one on Gozie in the morning. Meanwhile, it looks like the color episode you embedded here is loading well. Could you please upload The Wooden Nickels? I still haven't been able to finish that one. And perhaps The Fatal Fetish? I'm craving to see it again. I wish Columbia House had released more than a handful of season 7 8 and 9 episodes....

  32. I watched The Crafty Kidnapper this morning! Wow, what a dark, intense, and heartbreaking episode. And Gary Collins as the murderer ... wow. Quite a switch from playing Assistant D.A. Larry Germaine!

    And ooh, you got some good Kolchak ones too. The Zombie is one of my favorites. So creepy!

  33. I've seen The Tandem Target and The Woeful Widower. I love Andy's extended role in the former, and oh, there's Jerry Van Dyke in the latter. Interesting! I'm amused that Nancy Gates is in it too. I just got through watching her on Bonanza with Wesley Lau.

    Thank you for uploading!

  34. I saw The Unwelcome Well. I'm pretty leery of season 9, since the writers didn't always seem to know what they were doing in that season, so I was relieved that it was a good episode! Thank you so much again for all your work uploading!

  35. I saw The Wrongful Writ and The Scandalous Sculptor. Those are some interesting episodes! I love Perry and Paul looking stunned when they come in and see Andy at Perry's desk. And I was happy to see a good marriage in The Scandalous Sculptor. Sometimes I get tired of seeing so many marriages on the rocks! I think it's the first time I've seen Sue Ann Langdon play such a ditz, too.

    And I've been watching Kolchak! The Trevi Collection is still one of my favorites. I just love the scene with Tony getting so worked up because of his concern for Kolchak.

    Thank you so much!

  36. I watched The Misguided Missile again myself. My new story features some of the characters, so I decided I'd better refresh my memory on personalities.

    And I saw The Golden Venom! Interesting episode. And Noah Beery, awesome! Wow, I didn't think he would be the killer, let alone such a scary one. And I love Hamilton's expression when that ditzy Mirna is going on about that drink she likes. LOL.

    Thank you again!

  37. Hmm, I didn't care much for The Sad Sicilican. Della's infatuation with that con artist was kind of irritating! I don't think he'd learned his lesson by the end. But it will certainly make for an interesting post on my blog....

    And I loved The Deadly Debt! Andy's role in it was wonderful. Good old Andy.

    Thank you again!

  38. How fun! So many Perry Mason alumni in The Gambling Lady!

    I see you've started to put up The New Perry Mason. You don't by any chance have The Ominous Oath, do you? That's the only episode of the remake I particularly have an interest in seeing.

  39. Hmm, I've seen people bash The Avenging Angel up and down and say it's among the worst of the series. I can't say it was one of the best, but I've definitely seen worse. I found the whole music angle rather interesting. It doesn't seem like times have changed much, when it comes to why certain people make it big. They sure took their sweet time getting to the murder, though. And then they rushed through the hearing. But at least Hamilton was there! It feels so empty when he's not.

    Thank you!

  40. Wow, that was one weird fraud being perpetuated against that poor girl in The Blonde Bonanza. It turned out to be a very interesting episode, though! Aww, I felt sad Dillard was the murderer; I liked him.

    Say, have you watched that New Perry Mason series you put up? I haven't been interested because it's not the actors I know and love (I don't think I particularly know any of them at all), but if that series was kind to Hamilton and showed his good side instead of being out-and-out book inspired and making him very one-dimensional, then I might try it.

  41. Ah, I see. Well, I know *of* the actors; I just don't recall anything I've seen them in. (As far as old actors ago, I'm actually sometimes more familiar with them the older they are, haha. Such as Norma Shearer....) Monte Markham, oddly enough, I associate with that one comedy series he did in the late sixties, The Second Hundred Years. (That *was* him, wasn't it?) So it's very hard for me to even picture him in something dramatic. I keep picturing him as the dad who didn't die when he was frozen in ice. And Harry Guardino, I think I've seen him in something, but I can't think what it was. I noticed that his Hamilton looked more Gardner's original description from the books, hence I wondered if that series was more book-oriented.

    Do you have a recommendation for one of the New Perry Mason episodes I might particularly enjoy?

  42. umm, hi... i haven't seen all the episodes you posted or anything, but i wanted to thank you because i'm a huge fan of what i have seen and i've loved this show since i was a kid.

  43. I see you've found a new place! You are persistent. Thank you for all that you do!

    My station is about to start its pledge drive, gah. Perry gets preempted during that time (about two weeks). But I can't complain too much, since without the pledge drive we probably wouldn't have any episodes there at all.

    I had been thinking of attempting to show Mom some of my favorites of the later episodes during that time. Could you please upload The Shifty Shoebox, The Accosted Accountant, The Nervous Neighbor, The Sleepy Slayer, The Fatal Fetish, The Careless Kitten, The Duplicate Case, and The Carefree Coronary? Thank you so much!

  44. Oh wow, Gozie is indeed back! That's great. I thought they had probably kicked you off when I couldn't access those links, and then when the whole site couldn't seem to come up I thought it was the next MegaUpload.

    Say, on the GorillaVids site, did you have any trouble with it wanting you to download a codec to watch things? It did that to me, and when it seemed to be installing the thing, it also seemed to put something called Text Enhance in my browser. That freaked me out and I disabled and removed the codec to see what would happen, and Text Enhance seems to be gone.

  45. Thanks for the warning! Yeah, I wasn't that crazy about the Gorilla site, either. And definitely freaked about the Text Enhance thing. I thought that only affected people on Chrome. Weird.

  46. The link you sent seems to behave fairly well! Nice size screen, too.

  47. Hmm, I'm not sure I like the Locker site. It keeps skipping, even on the smaller player. It might just be my connection, but I'm not sure.

    1. I find if you let it buffer it may work....let me know...Rob

  48. GorillaVids still won't cooperate with me; the big screen takes up too much memory (even when I let the bar load all the way) and the small screen won't show up at all. But I tried PutLocker again to watch some of The Lover's Leap, which is one of my all-time favorite episodes. And it worked nicely for me this time! No skipping. Sweet.

  49. Yeah, Gozie seems to currently be on one of its "video/user does not exist" kicks. Good luck with moving more things to PutLocker!

    Hmm. Well, the Simon Oakland things I want most are still Ready for the People and that Purex Summer Special "The Problem Child" with Darren McGavin, too. Which are unfortunately very likely the rarest of all Simon's work. I've been looking for his CHiPs episodes, as they don't seem to be on DVD yet: Drive, Lady, Drive and Alarmed. Oh, and I really want Crosscurrent, a TV movie that also includes Wesley Lau.

    Thank you!

  50. Oh, I love Baa Baa Black Sheep! So far the YouTube episodes have been holding pretty steady, but a back-up is a good idea.

    One of my favorite scenes is General Moore talking with Major Boyington at the beginning of that one with the war movies actor. When Boyington walks out on him, Moore screams after him just like Tony always does with Kolchak. LOL.

    I've also been looking for On a Clear Day You Can See Forever, which might be easier to find due to Barbra Streisand being in it. I am furious to hear that among the scenes infamously cut was some of Simon's footage, but I still want to see the scenes he did have in it.

  51. Thank you! I'll be on the lookout.

    Wow, 10 uploads at once? That's pretty amazing.

    1. Hi All Perry Mason ep now at Putlocker just finished ....Rob

  52. Wow, all the episodes up. Thank you so much! You work so hard. I think the donations set-up is a good idea. I hope I'll be able to help.

    Say, I didn't think about it before, but do you have Daniel Boone season 5, episode "Bickford's Bridge"? I've been trying to get hold of that one for months. It's an elusive little critter.

  53. Ha, it's kind of funny how Gozie is suddenly working so well again. I almost have to wonder if your audience (including me) crashed it watching your channel! Now that most of them have probably moved to Putlocker to watch, Gozie works splendidly again. Which is great for me, as I still like Gozie best of all. Thank you so much again for all the time and money you've put into this project!

    1. Thank you thats why I set this up....I will ad season 6 missing ep to Gozie am short only 1 ep from the series...Fickle Filly but it will turn up....Rob

  54. I don't know how I overlooked it, but I suddenly realized that I hadn't watched The Tsarina's Tiara. Wow, what a twisted and complex plot. Overall, though, pretty good for a season 9 episode. Not among the very best, but certainly not among the worst.